Everybody has heard the business adage “location, location, location.” What makes online e-commerce so compelling is that there are no geographic barriers. Customers all over the world are buying custom apparel online.

Viralstyle allows you to sell products internationally with ease. All displayed prices in the marketplace will automatically convert to the local currency of the customer. We recently lowered our shipping rates for countries outside of the US and Canada to $7.99.

There is quite literally a world of opportunity at your fingertips. So we wanted to give you some tips for successful selling in international markets.

Take Your Niche International

The global apparel e-commerce market is massive. Cultures across the world have different interests, hobbies, and occupations. That makes for countless opportunities to create products that people are passionate about. There are many topics like Soccer that are big in the US and even more significant in other regions. If you’ve had a focus on customers in the United States, there may still be a more enthusiastic audience elsewhere in the world.

Do Your Research

Facebook’s Audience Insights makes it very easy to plug in various interests, behaviors, and demographics to help you learn more about your niche and how to target them. Use this tool to identify the best regions to advertise by plugging in various interests and locations.

Click here to download a list of every country we ship to. If you have a lot of countries you would like to target, try the bulk upload option:

Bulk Country Upload Facebook Advertising

Utilize Lookalike Audiences

If you have a campaign that is already successful in the United States, you are at a significant advantage when trying to expand your marketing internationally. With Lookalike audiences for Facebook advertising, you can use data from current customers to create similar audiences in other countries.

Ideally, you should do this by uploading previous customer email addresses to build your Lookalike audience, but you could also use other conversion events like View Content, Add to Cart, and Initiate Checkout.

International Lookalike Audience

Look for Concepts with Horizontal Scale

We typically seek to achieve Horizontal Scale with campaigns that use a similar creative concept that can be translated across different niches or different subsets of the same niche. When selling custom apparel internationally, we can achieve Horizontal Scale in numerous ways.

Try translating successful designs into different languages or adding a local feel to each of your designs with country colors and symbols.

Identify Region-Specific Niches, Find Expats Anywhere

Lastly, there are also niches that are seemingly non-existent in the United States. Look for things like holidays and celebrations that are common in other regions.

The United States and many other countries are a melting pot of different cultures. If you can find an international audience for something, you may be able to identify an audience of expats outside of that region who are interested in your items too.

Feeling inspired? Launch your international campaigns now!