$3 Base Cost Promotion Announcement

$5 Base Cost Promotion Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the promotion last? 
A: The $3 and $5 unisex tee promotion will last from August 28 – October 31st

Q: What campaigns will apply for the promotion?
A: All campaigns ended between August 28th and October 31st with at least 50 sales and 100 sales.

Q: What about campaigns that are launch before August 28th?
A: If a campaign is launched before August 28th and ends during the promotional period between August 28th and October 31st it will apply for the promotion.

Q: How many colors are allowed in the design?
A: Up to 3 color designs are eligible for the promotion.

Q: Do 2 sided prints count towards the promotion?
A: No, 2 sided prints will be charged the regular price.

Q: What if I have 100 sales but not not 100 shirts sold?
A: As long as the campaign has 100 products sold, any shirts within that campaign will receive the promotional price.

Q: Do referrals count during the promotion?
A: No, referrals with not apply during the promotion.