I have a few updates to share with you. We’re constantly working to make our service better for our clients, and this is our most recent update.

1. We’ve added the DTG price to designer
Now you can see what the base price for your campaigns will be if you sell less the 10 products. This is 1 step closer to allowing you to load high definition designs and choose it to be printed strictly DTG.

2. Store banners have been fixed
We’ve fixed the bug in the store banner and have added a new banner size recommendation (1920×300)

3. Store Analytics
We added the ability to track sales from stores. If a customer clicks on a campaign inside a store it will show up as ‘utm_source=store_name’ on your dashboard analytics.

4. Stores now automatically replace old campaign with relaunched campaigns.

5. We will not show the Sales Goal on Store Front if ‘Show Goal’ is turned off on the campaign.