The changing of seasons is one of the most common reasons why customers make an apparel purchase online. Being able to tap into a specific purchasing behavior like this can be extremely powerful for anyone selling apparel online.

Behavior targeting via Facebook Advertising has been a tried and true method for e-commerce companies across the globe that you may also find helpful for marketing your custom apparel campaigns on Viralstyle.

What are Audience Behaviors?

When creating your ad within the Ads Manager or Power Editor on Facebook you may have noticed the Behavior targeting option. Here’s how Facebook gathers this data:

“Behaviors are activities that people do on and off of Facebook that helps inform their device usage, purchase behaviors or intents, travel preferences and more. Behaviors are constructed from both someone’s activity on Facebook and through offline activity provided by data from Facebook’s trusted third-party partners Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon.” Facebook for Business

As customers interact with pages on and off Facebook, we are able to use this information to serve relevant ads to people who are likely to purchase your products. One lesser known behavior targeting option is to select users who have shown purchasing patterns or buying intentions for seasonal clothing.  You can find these targeting options by browsing for interests or behavior just as you normally would in Facebook’s Ad Manager or Power Editor:

Seasonal Shopping Behaviors

Why You Should Try it

If you’re selling on Viralstyle you already know that we offer a wide range of products for every season. From tank tops for the summer to crew neck sweat shirts or hoodies for the winter, targeting seasonal purchasing behavior can enable you to effectively hit these purchasing trends with your custom products. You can even try layering this behavior with certain interests and demographics to find your ideal targeting formula.

Still need another reason to try targeting seasonal clothing shoppers? Check out our September Hoodie Showdown! We giving out a bonus for every hoodie sold on Viralstyle this September and doubling that bonus for whoever sells the most. Do you have what it takes?

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