Our awesome sellers never seem to disappoint. For September’s contest we challenged you to sell as many hoodies as you could by giving out a $1 bonus for every sale. You were so successful that we’re continuing the same contest and making the deal even better by including our popular crew neck sweatshirts.

If you have sold hoodies or crew necks in the past you already know that they’re insanely popular items with great profit margins. Crew neck sweatshirts gain even more popularity around this time of year as they are a popular choice for fall and winter themed designs. Once again this month, the seller with the most hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts sold will have their bonus doubled.

October Showdown

How does it work?

Every seller is automatically entered into this month’s promotion. Sellers will be awarded their bonus at the end of the month in the payouts section of your account.

Try These Pro Tips:
  • Re-Launch a successful hoodie as a crew neck sweatshirt
  • Make your campaign’s default product a hoodie or crew neck
  • Create an Ugly Christmas sweater
  • Target buyers in cold climates
Do you have what it takes? See if you are the best hoodie or crew neck seller on Viralstyle!

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