They say that Earth without art is just ‘eh’. Now you have the ability to make the world a better place with your creativity – we now offer custom wall posters! Posters are a highly desired item by consumers from any almost any niche, don’t miss out on being first to market in your niche.

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Product Specs

All poster sizes will be available in the same campaign. High quality full color wall posters are available in the following sizes: 16×24″, and 24×36″

Design Guidelines

Allow your designs to bleed past the edge of the poster by 1/2″. We recommend using JPG, PNG, or EPS files at 2500×2500 pixels or bigger or no more than 8000×8000.

Base Costs

Base costs for posters are the same for sellers using the Viralstyle Marketplace, VS Premium, or our Shopify Fulfillment app. With base costs of only $6 and $8.50 for each size this leaves a lot of room to experiment with retail prices to get your cost per sale dialed in for your audience. This product would also make a great upsell to existing campaigns.

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