Selling on Viralstyle means that you are using a platform built by people who know current trends and market opportunities.  Sublimated socks are one of the hottest products on the internet and now you have the chance to design and sell your own.

We now offer high-quality full sublimation high socks for your campaigns on Viralstyle or through our Shopify Fulfilment app.

Product Specs: 

  • Breathable 85% Poly, 10% Nylon, 5% Lycra blend
  • Thicker, cushioned bottom
  • Diamond pattern fabric minimizes image distortion when stretched

Design Guidelines

As with any of our sublimation products, you may upload high quality images in unlimited colors. We recommend JPG, PNG or EPS files at 2500×2500 pixels or bigger or no more than 8000×8000.

When creating images without a background (e.g. .PNG files), be sure to create an initial layer/color which will appear in any area on the product that your design doesn’t cover. Sublimation apparel base color is white, so when uploading these images without a colored background, the product color will be white.



Sock Sublimation printing is awesome, but not magic. Expect some imperfections around seams and folds.









  • Smudges & White Streaks near folds, seams and stitching are normal (pictured above). White streaks will appear on all socks around the seams, especially around the heels and toes. Therefore, we advise using a lighter color shade in your sublimation print files to minimize the steak visibility.
  • Design Within These Limitations in mind by strategically placing patterns or graphics near problem areas.
  • Beware of Web Images! High-quality prints require artwork that’s at least 150 dpi.

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