The Print On-Demand game is changing, and the playing field is wide open for the taking. Anyone with Internet access has the ability to create their own brand – with a potentially life-changing opportunity. Products are created not only by designers, but visionaries just like you, and there are many things to consider when creating a brand from scratch.

Rest assured Viralstyle is here to help you hit the ground running!

2020 is trending toward a growing global demand for “merchandise that means something.” Marketing a custom product is said to be essential in the new year as consumers are now more individualistic than ever, and they no longer want to wear what the “cool kids” are wearing. Anyone can be a trend-setter, and consumers want to express their unique personalities. 

As curated content and product research top the list for design inspiration, our 2020 calendars not only contain holidays with proven themes that sell, they also provide daily reminders for you to create fresh content to engage multiple audiences.

Check out our January calendar below to be ahead of the curve in the new year!