Direct to Garment or DTG printing is a unique printing method we offer which enables cost effectiveness for low-volume campaigns and more creative possibilities than traditional screen printing. This type of printer works very similarly to an inkjet printer you may use at home. Each item is printed one at a time making it ideal for low-volume campaigns and will print an infinite number of colors.

This is something we have offered since day 1 of Viralstyle, and were the first platform to introduce no print minimums. Now we’re taking it a step further, and allowing our sellers to upload full HD images with unlimited colors to be printed DTG automatically!

Unlimited Color Possibilities

You can now upload designs to Viralstyle with an unlimited number of colors. For any design with 10 or more colors, your items will automatically be printed DTG.

Low Volume Campaigns

DTG printing is also ideal for low-volume campaigns. Since items are printed one at a time, this method is far more cost effective than screen printing in small quantities. If your campaign sells 9 or less items, we will automatically print as DTG. 

How to Upload Your Designs

We will automatically print DTG if your design meets our requirements. EPS, PNG, JPG, and GIF images with more than 10 colors or campaigns that sell less than 10 units will print DTG.