We recently made improvements to product tags and categories that have made it easier for customers to find your campaigns in the marketplace. Alongside these improvements, traffic continues to increase every week.

As more people are browsing Viralstyle.com and new features are rolled out, following best practices when setting up your campaigns will drive more value for sellers than ever before.

New Features on the Way

You probably have noticed tweaks to the home page and navigation of Viralstyle. These careful adjustments to the interface were the first of many changes to improve the overall user experience of shopping on Viralstyle.

In addition to these aesthetic improvements, we are getting ready to release several functionalities that will drive more traffic to your campaigns, find additional revenue sources, and build long-term audiences. Many of the suggestions in this article are intended to help you maximize your efforts and get the most out of these new features and functionalities as soon they are rolled out.

Get Found in the Marketplace

We recently added image recognition capabilities to our platform. This has made a significant improvement to the site’s organization and has made the search function more effective even if campaigns are not properly categorized. While our image recognition has shown good results, sellers should not rely on this feature for getting found in the marketplace.

Campaigns can be easily found in the marketplace by potential customers either by browsing or searching. The two criteria that will make the biggest impact for getting found are your campaign Title and campaign Category.

A good title is concise and clearly describes what your design is. This will also default as the Meta Title for your campaign. The Meta Title will display prominently on a search engine results page and as the main link text when you share the URL on most social media platforms. Avoid spammy titles that don’t describe your design – this will have a negative effect on consumer perception and will make it more difficult for your campaign to get found in the marketplace.

How to Title Product Listings

Write a Unique Description

A unique description of your design can help in many ways. The right text can boost your conversion rate, contribute to search engine optimization and improve your chances of showing up in the marketplace. What keywords would somebody looking for designs like yours be searching for? Try to include these here in a way that is genuine and natural. Explain what your design is about or who it is for in one or two sentences. Adding a brief call to action at the end like ‘order yours today’ or ‘don’t miss out’ will create an added sense of urgency.

ABC (Always be Categorizing)

When a new user finds the Viralstyle marketplace, browsing by category is often the first thing they do to find a product they might like. If you aren’t adding a category to your campaigns – or you are categorizing them wrong, you could be leaving money on the table by not getting found.

You may notice that for most holidays we feature related products right up front on our homepage. As the marketplace grows, featured collections like this will become more common. The best way for your products to get featured in these collections is by correctly categorizing your campaigns.

Don’t Forget About Meta and Open Graph Content

Viralstyle campaigns enable sellers to customize the meta content and open graph tags. There are many benefits to utilizing this feature that can also save you valuable time. Visit the Marketing tab on an open campaign in your dashboard to make changes.

Meta data is the information that will display on a search engine results page like Google. A good meta title and description can improve your organic click through rate and will not change how your campaign is titled in the marketplace. Additionally, you can edit how a link will display when it is shared somewhere on the internet. The Open Graph content will display on Facebook and other sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and others. Twitter tags will change the way your link will display on Twitter. You can even upload a custom image which can save you time when sharing links across the web.

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