Facebook is the preferred marketing platform for custom apparel today. The shop tab makes it easy to add your entire product catalog to your Facebook page, unlocking many advantages to marketing your products.

Getting started with the shop tab on Facebook is as easy as uploading a picture and adding a price and URL. After creating your store, there are many ways to use products in your shop tab to engage with your audience and drive more direct sales.

How to Add Products to the Shop Tab

Products on Facebook can have many images but only a single link. We suggest creating a product in your shop tab for each campaign you have on Viralstyle. You can also break this down further and have a separate product listing for each garment variation of a campaign, or separate male and female variations into their own product listings in the shop tab. How you display products on the shop tab is completely up to you.

Step 1: Download Image Assets from Dashboard

Download Store Images

Visit the assets tab in a campaign’s dashboard to download selected images. We suggest organizing these images in a folder on your hard drive and re-naming them in a way that helps you find them easily. You may also use your own mockups or photos as product images in your shop tab.

Product images on Facebook display as a square, so we suggest cropping your mockups before uploading so nothing gets cut off.

Step 2: Add Products to the Shop Tab of Your Page

How to Create a Facebook Shop

Find the shop tab of your Facebook page to get started. Set up your store by selecting a currency and choose the option to send customers to a website for checkout.

Simply click the Add Products button to add an item. You will need at least one image, a title, price, and link to purchase the item to add your product. Images will display in the order they were uploaded.

Pro Tip 1: Feature specific products on your page’s timeline

When you add products to the shop you will have the option to feature a product. This will prominently display the item at the top of your shop tab and your page’s main timeline for any device. This is a great way to feature a specific collection or emphasize products you are currently promoting. If you choose not to feature specific items, it will display the most recent products in a module at the top of your page’s timeline.

Pro Tip 2: Tag products in your posts or ads

Once you ad products to your shop tab, you will be able to tag products in the images that you post on your page. When you do this, the tagged product will be prominently displayed under the image. Viewers can easily click through to the product listing in your shop tab. From there they can visit your URL to buy or view other products in your store without having to leave Facebook. This feature will allow you to tag multiple products per image, tag products in previous images, or even tag products in videos, cover photos and more.

Pro Tip 3: Publish products to timeline

When you add an item to your shop tab, you will have the ability to also publish this to your timeline. This will allow your product to reach your follower’s newsfeeds for free just like a typical page post. The advantage to this is the product post has built in features like price, various product images or videos, and a prominent call to action. Products in your store or tagged in content on your timeline can be used as ads to optimize for conversions just like most other post types.

Pro Tip 4: Put Products on Sale

We recently added an MSRP feature that allows you to show marked down prices for your products on the sales page. Facebook’s shop tab also enables you to display sales of individual products in a similar way. If you decide to use this feature on your Viralstyle listing, it will also be beneficial to show the marked down price on your Facebook storefront.

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