With so many advertising options for today’s marketer, it can be hard to decide which platform fits your needs best. For many advertising objectives, Facebook marketing is the most powerful option for its intricate targeting options, engaging formats, and competitive costs.

*** 2019 Facebook Marketing Update ***

While Facebook Marketing remains an active traffic channel, there have been some changes since 2016.

Facebook changed it’s algorithms yet again in 2018 which included removing over 5,000 ad targeting terms as reported by Ad Age.

While video ads have seen a considerable rise in engagement and shares, many companies have found that content still works. The best plan of action is a mix of short videos, images, and links.

Buffer.com published an article of a massive study they did of Facebook ads of known brands. They found that overall Facebook engagement is down. To combat the decrease, they found Brands are posting more often and with higher quality content.

So keep quality in mind when creating your Facebook ads. Also, consider creating videos along with your image ads and see which ones get a better ROI.

With any platform, the key is testing, reworking, and testing again. You can find success with Facebook marketing, have a plan and end goal in mind and give it a try.

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Check out this infographic for help planning your next advertising campaign. 

facebook marketing infographic

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