We are striving to make it easier for our sellers to create and manage their campaigns and stores. One of the issues with the campaign model is that you have a limited time to advertise your campaigns, and unless you have an active and winning niche the stores are hard to manage. Today we released a new update that will allow campaigns to run as “evergreen” campaigns.

What this means is if a campaign is about to end with 0 sales then it will automatically extend the campaign an additional 7 days.

What this means to you:
• Launch campaigns with ease – no rush to advertise
• Campaigns with remanent organic traffic will still be available for sale ($$$)
• You can now create stores that will always stay full of campaigns
• Cross selling campaigns through stores is now much easier

Inside your campaign dashboard you will see the option for “Auto Extend”. This is always defaulted in the “on” position. 


Any campaigns that are extended with 0 sales will now move to the “extended” tab in your campaigns tab.