Color Changing Mugs!

You now how the option to create and sell custom color changing mugs in the Viralstyle designer! We put together a blog post so you have everything you need to know about this new product.

Pro Tip: Relaunch winning apparel campaign designs on mugs and watch the sales roll in!

Mug Type: Ceramic 11oz Mug

These color changing mugs are cool and safe heat sensitive ceramic cups that reveal unique hidden pictures right before your eyes. Add your choice of hot coffee, tea or favorite warm beverages, and watch the smooth surface transform into an eye catching display of your designs.

Black mugs are a slightly softer black than it appears in the preview where the design is printed. All mugs are printed and shipped from the USA. Our color changing coffee mugs can be personalized with your full color photos or designs, and hide your images when cold.




Upload Any Image

Image size must be at least 800 x 800 pixels. Coffee mugs will print highly detailed images and designs in an infinite number of colors.

File formats

Image or vector graphics files can be used (PNG, JPEGS, EPS). The color of the mug will not change the appearance of the print in any way.

Base Costs

Color changing mugs have a base cost of just $7.90! With a suggested retail of $18.99, this leaves you a lot of room to experiment with ideas and achieve a positive ROI.

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