A few weeks ago we introduced you to audience behaviors on Facebook advertising. This advanced targeting option is used by e-commerce companies big and small to build audiences and narrow down their niche to find customers who are most likely to purchase.

Behaviors are determined by user activities on and off Facebook by analyzing things like device usage, purchase behavior or intent, travel preferences and more. This data is gathered by trusted third-party partners Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon and provided to Facebook to be used by advertisers looking to find the ideal audience.

While these behavior options will not be viewable to advertisers in every country, they can be a useful way to narrow down large audiences to find people most likely to buy your products. Here are a few behaviors that may be a great option for your custom apparel campaigns during peak holiday shopping times:

Purchase Behavior → Clothing → Winter Seasonal Clothing

This option will allow you to target people who have shown purchase behavior or intent for winter clothing. If you’re promoting winter hats, sweatshirts or hoodies, this may be a great way to further narrow your niche.

Winter Seasonal

Purchase Behavior → Buyer Profiles→ Coupon Users

The holiday’s are an ideal time to offer discount codes for your custom apparel campaigns. Since advertisers often see more competition during this time, giving a little extra incentive with a coupon could make a big difference on your customer’s decision to buy. In fact, the National Retail Federation found that 87% of consumers reported a willingness to spend an extra $25 this season if influenced by a good deal or promotion.

Coupon Buyer Profile Facebook

Interest → Shopping & Fashion → Shopping → Coupons

Alternately, there is an Interest targeting option for coupons. Rather than using behavioral data, Facebook users will fall into this audience when they express an interest in or like pages related to shopping coupons.

Facebook Coupon Interest

Purchase Behavior → Purchase Types → Gift Products

Gift giving is one of the major factors that influence purchases for custom apparel. For most niches that we target, it is common for customers to also have friends within the same niche. This is why you will often see people buying more than one item or tagging their friends in the comments of your post. In addition to apparel, clocks, socks, hats and mugs all make ideal gift items.

Facebook Gift Purchase Behavior

Purchase Behavior → Store Type → Gift Shoppers

As an alternative to targeting a user behavior of purchases or intent for gift products, there is also an option for targeting users with purchase behavior or intent associated with gift stores. Either or both options may make more sense depending on your niche and the type of product you are promoting.

Facebook Gift Store Behavior

We hope you can put these suggestions into action and use these targeting options to sell more products during the Snow Me The Money 2 challenge. For further help with targeting, check out our epic infographic detailing every possible option. Feeling inspired? Launch your holiday campaign now!

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