Viralstyle is built for marketers, by marketers. We’re always improving, but sometimes the updates get lost in the noise. So, we compiled some of the most important updates in one place so you can get a glance at what’s been going on and what to expect moving forward.

We already have the most advanced marketing features, offer the most control, the most products, the highest quality printing and fulfillment available, and some of the most competitive pricing in the industry for our sellers.

It’s easy to be the cheapest with the lowest quality, and sometimes a simple google search of a company can deter repeat a buyer and will cost you conversions. If  you want to build a loyal customer base then you should care about 3 things;  the quality of the product, the delivery time, and the customer service.


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Lower Direct to Garment Print Prices

We know how important profits are to you. Our DTG prints are the highest quality available, and our new DTG prices reflect our commitment to our sellers. We have recently dropped our prices by 25% to only $9.75!

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Lower International Shipping Rates

Viralstyle has shipped to almost every country in the world. We know the opportunities that are available to you overseas, which is why we have dropped our international shipping prices by 40% to $7.99! Get ready to sell even more products to more customers around the globe.

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Fulfillment Times

Our streamlined fulfillment process has cut 5 days off of our average delivery time in the last 6 months. Bringing our average delivery time from the end of the campaign to the customer is to only 11 days! As we continue to improve our processes and add a new expedited shipping option, these delivery times will continue to drop!

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Page Load Speeds

We have improved our sales page load time by over 1.5 seconds. That’s about 30% faster! Amazon reported increased revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds improvement to their site speed. These shorter load times are proving to raise conversion rates across the entire platform!

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Shorter Launch Times

We’re continuously improving our designer, and by optimizing the image upload and sales page rendering process, we’ve cut the time to launch a campaign in half! We will continue to find ways to improve, so you can launch campaigns more efficiently.

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Better Business Bureau Rating

 We strive for quality at Viralstyle. With millions of products sold, Viralstyle has an A rating, over 800 positive reviews, and a 92% satisfaction rating on BBB. We have more positive reviews then all other platforms COMBINED!

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Free International Wires for Payouts

 We know how important your money is to you, so we want you to keep all of it. That’s why we’re offering FREE international bank wires to our overseas clients who have payouts of more the $3000! Otherwise, it’s just a flat fee of $30.

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Abandoned Cart Emails

When customers leave items in their shopping cart, Viralstyle will encourage them to complete their purchase with a custom email that includes product link back to your campaign automatically!

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More Product Options

Viralstyle has more products the any other platform, and we have added an additional 15 in the last 6 months! We don’t hold our clients back by limiting them with just apparel. We have clocks, necklaces, laptop sleeves, and cell phone cases… just to name a few.

So much in store for our sellers coming soon, and we can’t wait for 2017!

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