My order is in the “Needs Attention” tab. What do I do?

17 Oct 2016

My order is in the “Needs Attention” tab. What do I do?

Please look in your “Needs Attention” tab to be sure there are no orders there. If there are, please address the issue so production can proceed in the future.

The “Needs Attention” tab seen HERE in the Viralstyle Fulfillment App, will require 1 of 3 things to proceed.

1.) Address cannot be verified, information may be in the wrong fields or it is not deliverable by USPS (which will require you to replace with the customers alternate address). You can update the address in your Shopify Admin Orders tab seen HERE.

2.) Your Payment Method is no longer valid / insufficient funds. Update in the Viralstyle Fulfillment App, seen HERE.

3.) Your Return Address is not Valid and needs update. This can be found in your Shopify Admin Settings seen HERE.


We do not ship to the following countries:

  • Macedonia
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Middle America
  • Dubia (UAE)
  • Croatia
  • Cambodia
  • Slovakia
  • Russia

If you are advertising/targeting customers in the above regions, you will assume responsibility for lost or undeliverable packages. Viralstyle will assume you have read the advisory above, and chose to ship at your own risk.