Why is/are my order(s) not being Accepted or Invoiced?

5 Dec 2016

Why is/are my order(s) not being Accepted or Invoiced?

You may realize that certain orders are not being processed into the “Pending, Accepted or Invoiced” tabs on your Orders page in the Viralstyle Fulfillment App. Why could this be happening? 

In order for Viralstyle to connect these products & their orders to the Viralstyle Fulfillment queue, we needed to use the SKU & Variant options to tie in.

Changing, Adding/Removing any of these fields will result in orders NOT processing properly. We will not bill or confirm orders where the Variants or SKU have been altered in any way. You must “Create Similar” and launch a new product without making any Variant or SKU changes to prevent this from happening in the future (only with the products you have altered).

Viralstyle will not be removing these “extra/unnecessary” color & size variants, we intend on adding more color & size options to our Sublimation & Jewelry accessories list. You will be seeing these products added to the Designer in the upcoming months!