How to Create an Upsell

26 May 2015

How to Create an Upsell

“Would you like fries with that?”

Go to any McDonald’s restaurant and order a burger. There’s a very good chance the order taker will respond with, “Would you like fries with that?”  . This is what is commonly called an up-sell. An up-sell is simply a way to get your customers to spend more money with you. Nothing wrong with that, is there?  The customer will be offered a chance to purchase another item for a small discount. “Would you like to add this to your order?”  They can add to their order by just clicking “yes”. By adding up sells it will automatically increase your average profit by an additional 15-25%. You’ve already paid for that customer, capitalize on each transaction!

In your campaign tab, click the gear to access your campaign details.



Once you’ve accessed you campaign dashboard – choose the “details” and “upsell” tab. Then select “Add Upsell” – You’ll notice a brief description and that you can use up to 2 upsells at a time.


Once you choose the campaign you want to upsell, you choose the discount amount. For this example we chose a $5 discount. You can choose what style, color, and side you want to offer as well. The idea is, if you’re selling a shirt as a default, to offer a different style as an upsell. You can choose a similar campaign as a 2nd upsell. After you choose that, click “save”, and you’re done! 


Buyers will now receive the 1 click upsell for a discount after the initial sale.