How to add the new Facebook pixel

17 Nov 2015

How to add the new Facebook pixel

Viralstyle has now integrated the new Facebook pixel, which will phase out the old Conversion & Custom Audience Pixel by combining the functionality into one universal pixel.

Check out Facebooks blog post for more information here.

If added, the new FB pixel will take precedence over the older FB retarget/conversion pixels.

To upgrade the new facebook pixel on Viralstyle:

• Access your profile settings
• Choose the tracking pixels tab
• Click the prompt to add new facebook pixel


If you want, you can customize a different pixel for each individual campaign. If you add a pixel on the campaign level, it will override the default pixel. If you remove the pixel on the campaign level, the default pixel will take back over.


To add new facebook pixel to individual campaign:

• Access the individual campaign dashboard
• Choose the Marketing tab
• Choose the Tracking/Retargeting tab
• Click the prompt to add new facebook pixel



Facebook plans to get rid of the old conversion and custom audience pixels so we want to encourage you to test the new pixel and all the more advanced tracking it offers.

Viralstyle is currently supporting these standard events:

  • Key page views (ViewContent) on the campaign page
  • Add to cart (AddToCart) on the campaign page
  • Initiate checkout (InititateCheckout) on the check out page
  • Make purchase (Purchase) on the order confirmation page


If you have any questions please email