How to Add a Tracking Pixel

28 May 2015

How to Add a Tracking Pixel

Conversion & Retargeting Pixels

Conversion tracking allows you to measure the return on investment of your ads by reporting on the purchases people make after your ads are served. Moreover it gives you the ability to create lookalike audience for your ads to reach even more people interested in your campaign.
• We offer conversion tracking with facebook, twitter, google, and custom pixels for other tracking services.


Retargeting Pixels & Custom audiences will allow you to track who has visited your campaign page and remarket to people who have expressed interest in your products.
• We offer retargeting with facebook, twitter, google, adroll, and perfect audience.

In this article you will be shown how to create a default tracking pixel or an individual campaign tracking pixel.

How to create a default tracking pixel:

First, Access Your Profile.


Then choose the “Tacking Pixels” tab and select “Add New Pixel”



Next choose the pixel you’d like to add. You can use the tabs to choose either a Conversion or Retargeting Pixel. You can also get more help by clicking the “Getting Started” Links provided.


Enter your pixel and click “Update”. If you need help on where to get a tracking pixel, click the “how to” button.



How to load a tracking pixel to an individual campaign:

First, access you campaign dashboard.


Choose the “Marketing” tab. Then select “Tracking/Retargeting” and “Add Pixel”.



You can now add a Conversion or Retargeting pixel to the individual campaign.