FAQ’s For Sellers

22 Sep 2015

FAQ’s For Sellers


How can I launch a new campaign?

Just “CLICK HERE” to get started!

Feel free to “Contact Us” for any questions

How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

It’s free! The cost of producing and distributing your item is built into the price for your buyers. That means it is risk-free for you.

 What file types can I use when I upload my design?

An .eps file is the best choice, but .png, .jpg and .gif files are also completely acceptable. Don’t worry – we will evaluate your uploaded design with print quality in mind.

Can I start a design and finish it later?

Of course! Just create an account and come back to your design-in-progress later.

I don’t have a design! Can you help?

Of course! To book your Viralstyle Art & Design Services “CLICK HERE” and schedule your Appointment TODAY!

What kind of profit does Viralstyle get from each campaign?

We make a flat fee from each item you sell. That’s it. Don’t worry – it is built into the price we quote to you when you design your item.

When do I get my profits?

When your campaign ends successfully, you will be paid within 24 hours. If the campaign was a fundraiser, the profits will go straight to the group.

How long do campaigns last?

Choose to run your campaign from 3 to 21 days. But remember: If your items are for a time-sensitive event, make sure your campaign ends 14 days before it occurs. Your items must still be printed and delivered.

What about taxes?

You are required by Law to complete a 1099 form if you earn more than $600 in profits and live in the U.S.. If it was a fundraiser for a particular group, however, that group will deal with any necessary taxes.

Can I use someone else’s design on the item I create?

If you get the original designer’s written permission, yes. Otherwise the design must be altered until it is substantially different from that original design. Please keep in mind, Viralstyle will not allow the running campaigns with any copyright logos, slogans or artwork.

• Professional Sports Organizations
• Athletes & Their Logo
• Celebrities
• Franchises
• TV Shows
• Bands
• Movies

We are not in the business of giving legal advice or direction in these cases either.

Can I protect a design I created?

Viralstyle can’t provide legal advice, but you may wish to investigate getting a copyright or trademark.

Can you give me some examples of images and logos that I can’t use?

Sure! Infringement allegations can center around the use of images and logos of TV shows, movies, sports teams, bands and more.

What do I do if I see my intellectual property used in a Viralstyle campaign without my permission?

Please follow the instructions in the “Terms Of Service”. We will give the Viralstyle customer that you believe is infringing upon your intellectual property your communications, with instructions to contact you for a resolution. If you don’t receive contact or the issue isn’t resolved, please “Contact Us”. In addition, Viralstyle may stop any campaign and refund purchases at our discretion.

What is a takedown request?

If someone claims that his or her intellectual property is being infringed upon, we may ask that you resolve the complaint with the person making the claim. If you fail to contact that person or fail to resolve the complaint, Viralstyle can stop the campaign. Multiple complaints may lead to a ban from our site.

If I use Viralstyle’ clip art in my design, will the design belong to me?

The design will belong to Viralstyle, but you can use the design on items that will be bought through a Viralstyle campaign.

What is DTG and when is it used?

Direct To Garment (DTG) is a lower cost alternative to screen printing when filling low volume orders.

Fulfillment of orders via DTG can be prevented on a per campaign basis by disabling Auto Goal Drop.