Facebook Flex Targeting: A Goldmine For Shirt Marketers

1 Dec 2015

Facebook Flex Targeting: A Goldmine For Shirt Marketers

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that will change the way you market Viralstyle campaigns forever.

If you’re buying traffic from facebook then you probably already understand the power of the demographic and psychographic data they make available to you.

It’s cheap, plentiful, steady, and very accurate. It really all boils down to this…

The purpose of buying traffic from facebook is to put your Viralstyle campaign in front of the right audience.

To be honest, the biggest reason that campaigns fail is because the targeting is off, and with this new targeting option, facebook targeting just got a lot more powerful.


Recently, facebook released this revolutionary way to target your audience.

Up until now, the only way to access this information was through 3rd party software or through the Facebook API. Now it’s available for free, but for now they’re rolling it out to advertisers inside the Power Editor.

You’ll see the option in the “Detailed Targeting” section while setting up your ad set.


You can get VERY specific with the new data targeting options.

The reason this is such a powerful tool is because you can now include people that match more then one interest, demographic, or behavior ALL AT ONCE.

You can also choose to EXCLUDE a particular demographic, interest, or behavior.

Facebook explains the new targeting options using the example below…


Here’s what the final audience would look like in the example above:

  • People in the United States
  • Who are between the ages of 15-35
  • And are also men
  • They must also use either an iPhone 6 OR an iPhone 6 Plus
  • They must also be interested in action games to be in my audience

However, if they meet all of the above but have a 2G network connection, then they’ll be excluded from my audience.


Before, there were no “and” statements. It was much more broad.

When we would choose our target audience for our Viralstyle campaigns every time we would enter a new interest, demographic, or behavior we would be choosing to target ANYONE with those qualifications.

Now you can get specific.


So, for the sake of an example, let’s get a little wild.

Let’s say you’re in the grandparent niche and you have this crazy shirt idea… “I’m a grandma, but not like any grandma, I knit, and I run marathons.”

Sounds impossible right? Check this out…3 interests at once!

Grandma flex targeting


For people that prefer visuals, here is a venn diagram to help explain.


There really is no limitation when it comes to flex targeting, and now that i’s available to the general public, we’re really excited to see you use it in action!

Facebook has set it up to be very user friendly, and you should be up and running in no time!

Launch a new campaign today!

Have you started playing with Facebook’s Flexible Targeting?  What questions do you have?
Shoot us an email if you have any questions at cd@viralstyle.com