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For most sellers involved with custom apparel e-commerce, Facebook is the go-to platform for advertising. Not only is it one of the best places to discover a niche and build a community, their advertising platform is an extremely effective tool for finding those within your niche who are willing to buy a given product and optimize ad delivery accordingly.

There are many strategies when it comes to research, testing, scaling and sustaining advertising campaigns to get the most ROI from your ad spend. The campaigns used in this case study target the same general niche and use an art concept with horizontal scale that appeals to different subsets of this niche. For more information about horizontal scaling techniques, watch lecture ‘Turning Ideas Into Design’ in section 101 of the Viralstyle Academy.

Section 1Case Study: Two Methods for Scaling Facebook Advertising
Lecture 1What Is Scaling Ad Spend and Why Is It So Important?
Lecture 2Target Highest Revenue
Lecture 3Daily Incremental Increase