InstructorLuke Stasi
TypeOnline Course
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We’ve put our best training into more than 18 in-depth videos, and made it available to anyone with a Viralstyle account. So whatever your business goals, you can get the most from Viralstyle, build your best campaigns and see your best results.

Section 1Selling with Viralstyle
Lecture 1Introduction
Section 2How to Navigate Viralstyle
Lecture 2How to Navigate Viralstyle
Section 3Finding Your Audience
Lecture 3Finding Your Audience
Section 4Turning Ideas into Design
Lecture 4Turning Ideas into Design
Section 5Copyright Basics
Lecture 5Copyright Basics
Section 6Designer
Lecture 6Intro to Design - (Part 1)
Lecture 7Intro to Design - (Part 2)
Section 7Photoshop
Lecture 8Photoshop
Section 8Facebook
Lecture 9Launching a Campaign
Lecture 10Introduction - (Part 1)
Lecture 11Introduction - (Part 2)
Lecture 12Introduction - (Part 3)
Lecture 13Create a Fan Page
Lecture 14Creating Ads
Lecture 15Launching Ads - (Part 1)
Lecture 16Launching Ads - (Part 2)
Lecture 17Launching Ads - (Part 3)
Lecture 18Facebook Pixel
Section 9Budgeting
Lecture 19Budgeting
Final Quiz