InstructorLuke Stasi
TypeOnline Course
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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Welcome to the Viralstyle 102 courses and congratulations on taking the next step to improve your abilities and grow your business. As with the previous courses, we collaborated with top seller Luke Stasi to design a curriculum that shows you impactful techniques and strategy to help you connect with your audience and sell more products.

Section 1Keys to Success
Lecture 1The T-Shirt Success Matrix
Lecture 2Running a T-Shirt Business
Section 2Knowing What Works
Lecture 3How to Identify the Right Niche
Lecture 4Identifying and Creating Good Designs
Section 3Facebook Ads
Lecture 5Page Post Engagement Ads
Lecture 6Clicks to Website Ad
Lecture 7Website Conversion Ad from Page Post
Section 4Aligning Your Niche and Targeting
Lecture 8Finding a Niche Audience within Facebook
Lecture 9What is Available in Facebook Advertising?
Lecture 10Audience Research
Lecture 11Intro to Audience Insights
Lecture 12Intro to Graph Search
Lecture 13Facebook Interests
Section 5Advanced Targeting Strategies
Lecture 14Flex Targeting
Lecture 15Retargeting
Section 6Scaling Ad Campaigns
Lecture 16Scaling Ad Campaigns
Lecture 17Scaling Ad Campaigns II
Section 7Reporting
Lecture 18Reporting, Part 1
Lecture 19Reporting, Part 2
Section 8Growing to the Next Level
Lecture 20Growing to the Next Level
Final Quiz